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Responsibility :: Sales and marketing Compliance

Practicing Ethical Sales and Marketing

Responsible promotional communication informs health care professionals, payers and patients about the benefits and risks of new treatments for diseases.

In an effort to further solidify our commitment to base our interactions with health care professionals on the highest ethical standards, We made a plan based on extensive expereince in the field and giving the health of patients and doctors top most priority. The result is Obsurge's policy on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals. Adopted since the begining, the Policy governs our pharmaceutical operations, including sales, marketing, medical, and research & development operations.

Our policy is based on the principles of maintaining ethics and compassion, building greater transparency and partnering to facilitate access to health care information and medicines. The following are established operating norms :

Medical communications must be accurate and scientifically rigorous; Obsurge’s colleagues are prohibited from promoting off-label use of medicines.

Marketing activities with health care professionals must convey full and substantiated information about the side effects and the safety profile of medicines. Sales representatives must ensure that no items of significant value are offered as an inducement to use, prescribe, purchase or recommend a product or to influence a clinical trial.

International Market

Pharma /Medical Devices /Food/Cosmetics

Although relatively new in International marketing Obsurge now has experience in handling different challenges that different countries offer... Read more

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