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Obsurge has a vision to provide relief from the scourge of disease at an affordable price to the widest possible cross-section of patients. With this in view the organization has identified the therapy gaps and bridged it with innovative formulations fitting squarely intothese gaps.

For Obsurge quality & fairness to our customers & employess is the biggest strength. Healthcare Industry plays a very important role in the development and progress of any country, We being part of this industry understand the responsibility on our shoulders and are continuously working for improvement of the society and nation by developing our selves. This has always been a beckon light paradigm for the company.

Today Obsurge is aiming to spread its wings and cater more parts of India with stronger presence in different segments and markets; we plan to expand aggressively after consolidating in the next 2 years. with our operations spread all over the country with 500 people in the field, which will increase to 450 by 2011-12. With a well researched portfolio of ‘high yield’ and ‘high potential’ products that are in growth phase in the industry. Today the company is into the therapeutic segments of Surgery, Neurology, Gynecology, Medicine, Dental & ENT, with anti-inflammatory antibiotics, hormone, anti-anemic and neuro tonics. Emphasis is on high INVESTMENT in field force training and marketing programmes with the objectives of building brands and creating strong presence in the market.

The organization helps employees to understand that they have to contribute and helps them do that. Emphasis on personal growth and development is a way to influence employee motivation, not only to maximize their contribution but also thereby to improve the productivity of the company.

International Market

Pharma /Medical Devices /Food/Cosmetics

Although relatively new in International marketing Obsurge now has experience in handling different challenges that different countries offer... Read more

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